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Manufacturing Profitability Made Possible by Paper-Less MES/MOM Solutions

Manufacturing Profitability Made Possible by Paper-Less MES/MOM Solutions

// July 31, 2017 //

Are You Ready to Monitor the Pulse of Production Operations and Improve Your Manufacturing Company’s Financial Health?

Recent headlines about manufacturing news have focused primarily on companies building new plants including the news about Apple planning to build 3 new plants in the U.S. for manufacturing iPhones and Foxconn planning to invest over $10 billion over 4 years to build a new 20-million square foot LCD panel display manufacturing plant in Wisconsin.

New manufacturing plants are great news of course but another key development in manufacturing is the use of MES/MOM technologies for achieving greater profitability.

The Paper-Less company video includes powerful testimonials from our longstanding manufacturing customers about how Paper-Less has helped them become more profitable.  These are real manufacturing companies realizing major improvements in their financial well-being through Paper-Less MES/MOM technologies.

The Paper-Less MES/MOM technologies are truly helping manufacturers achieve significant gains in profitability through:

  • Reducing costs of manufacturing,
  • Improved production activity tracking
  • More efficient labor reporting
  • Optimizing resource utilization
  • Better management of inventory levels
  • Reducing scrap
  • Increasing on time orders

As noted in the Paper-Less company video, Paper-Less customer MetalTek realized a 50% reduction in scrap using Paper-Less MES, saving over $250,000 within the first 9 months of going live.

Vestas Wind Systems, a Paper-Less customer for over 10 years, has over 9,000 users across 30 plants using Paper-Less to manage and deal with their tremendous volume of production activity and data.

Vestas and MetalTek are achieving operational excellence and improved profitability through using Paper-Less MES and MOM technologies.  Are you ready to save potential millions of dollars of manufacturing costs and realize greater profitability?

Schedule a time to see a free demonstration of the Paper-Less MV2 advanced MES/MOM solution. We look forward to becoming your partner in production operations and business success!

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