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Manufacturing Leadership Award Recognizes Manufacturing Technology Leaders

Manufacturing Leadership Award Recognizes Manufacturing Technology Leaders

June 30, 2017 //

What does it take to be a manufacturing leader?

The Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Awards are like the Academy Awards of Manufacturing.   The distinguished panel of ML Awards judges select movers and shakers who are not simply accepting the status quo, but leading the charge for critical change and adoption of newer technologies that positively impact business results.    These are the individuals and companies to watch because they are embracing and achieving game-changing implementations in areas including smart manufacturing, sustainability and operational excellence.

Paper-Less and our customer, Rauland-Borg, a division of AMETEK accepted awards at the Manufacturing Leadership Awards Gala that took place on June 14 at Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa in Huntington Beach, California.

Paper-Less and Paper-Less customer, Rauland Borg were recognized as winners of Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Council’s 2017 Manufacturing Leadership Awards in the category of Engineering and Production Technology Leadership. Rauland-Borg’s ‘Smart Manufacturing Initiative’ was implemented using the innovative Paper-Less MES technology.

So all of this begs the question, what does it take to be a manufacturing leader?  Why was Rauland-Borg determined as a winner of the prestigious manufacturing leadership awards and why was Paper-Less selected as a winner of the Manufacturing Leadership Technology Partner award?

“The Manufacturing Leadership Awards Judging Panel was very impressed with Rauland’s ‘Smart Manufacturing Initiative’ which enabled fully digitized manufacturing processes through the use of scanners, touch-screen displays, and an advanced Manufacturing Execution System,” said Jeff Moad, research director and director of the Manufacturing Leadership Awards Program at Frost & Sullivan. “With essential support from Paper-Less LLC, Rauland, a division of AMETEK, Inc., was able to achieve full part traceability, improve operational efficiency, and meet regulatory requirements.”

Many manufacturing companies over the years have successfully implemented manufacturing execution system solutions and have achieved business and production goals including:

In the case of Rauland-Borg, the company’s leadership had the vision of achieving smart manufacturing that achieves many of the above referenced goals.  There were some specialized needs they had for their type of manufacturing and processes. The Paper-Less team of manufacturing consultants embraced the vision and made it possible using Paper-Less MES, a proven MES solution.

A manufacturing execution system is designed to support complex manufacturing environments and is itself a fairly complex set of applications.  Generally, there are many decision makers involved in the selection of MES software.  It is essential to have a champion or many champions who can see the vision and what it will mean for the future of their manufacturing companies.  Paper-Less has a free “Buying a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) e-Book devoted to help visionary decision makers lead and navigate their way from vision to implementation.  Perhaps if you take the time to read the e-Book and consider how a manufacturing execution system might transform your company’s manufacturing operations management, you too may find yourself in the spotlight at the Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership awards next year.  More importantly, your company will likely realize the substantial gains in time, money and continuous improvement that will set you apart as a manufacturing leader your customers can rely on for many years to come.

Watch for our upcoming part 2 of this series about what it takes to be a manufacturing leader.  We will delve into the Rauland-Borg smart manufacturing leadership success story.

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