Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Mobile Applications

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Mobile Applications

// June 18, 2015 //

As you look at the shop floor, you may notice that several areas are spread out, yet these areas must work together. Communication and cohesion are everything when it comes to increasing efficiency. If you already have a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), you can see everything that is happening on your shop floor.

So what happens when that system is centralized in one location, but there’s activity and transactions happening elsewhere? How are you supposed to keep track of everything as it is happening?

The answer: Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Mobile Applications.

Mobility, Speed and Accuracy

By using a mobile device with our MES mobile application, you can complete transactions anywhere on the shop floor.

Where to use it?

  • receiving
  • shipping
  • stockroom and supermarkets
  • manufacturing work centers

As long as your mobile device is capable of running a web browser, you can use that device for your MES system. Scan barcodes, perform inventory inquiries, generate inventory transactions, and even print receiving labels.  All of these activities provide real-time data.

Things to Consider

Once the decision has been made to utilize MES mobile applications, there are some things you’ll want to consider when it comes to choosing the device and network that’s right for your shop floor.

  1. Barcodes: to maximize efficiency and minimize errors, consider using barcoded labels throughout your shop floor to identify inventory locations, parts, etc.
  2. Scanning: your device needs to have the ability to reliably scan barcodes.
  3. Screen size: you’re going to want to easily see what you’re doing on the screen of your device. If possible, get a device with a large enough screen where you can see it from a comfortable distance. The mobile application will automatically size itself to fit whatever screen size you end up using.
  4. Battery life: the device will be used periodically throughout the day – so it needs to be ready whenever you need it. Consider additional batteries and charging stations so a device is always available.
  5. Durability & Environment: Many manufacturing environments can be harsh on electronic devices.  Take this into consideration when determining what device is right for your shop floor environment.
  6. Wireless Network Range, Reliability, and Speed: before beginning to use the mobile application, verify you can connect to the internet from any location throughout the shop floor. Connecting to tthe internet is not a requirement of MES, but connecting to your network is necessary. You may also want to check the reliability and speed of your network and consider changing or upgrading your provider if connectivity issues arise.


After carefully considering which device and network options are best for your shop floor environment, you can begin to experience the benefits MES Mobile Applications provides. Whether it’s generating accurate transactions anywhere on your shop floor to providing real-time inventory updates, MES Mobile Applications becomes a valuable tool on your shop floor.

Would you like to learn more about how to realize your business and production goals using MES? Please click the button to see our videos page.

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