Shop Floor management dashboards webinar

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Paper-Less Dashboards

Watch our webinar on Managing Manufacturing operations through MES data systems and stay on top of production performance

Managing a shop floor is built on knowing everything that’s happened, happening or will happen and answering with quick reaction times. That requires more than just getting data. It means being able to pull insights out of that data as fast as possible. This can be easily done with the Paper-Less Manufacturing Execution System’s Dashboard capabilities.

To show off all that can be done with the Paper-Less Dashboards, Rick Reith will be demonstrating its capabilities in our April 20th Lunch and Learn Webinar.

Rick will walk through the setups and configurations possible with the Dashboards plug in. He’ll also speak to the sorts of data that can be displayed from the MES system. All of this will be wrapped in a manufacturing focus that explains how to get important insights into shop floor performance that lead to greater production efficiency and throughput.

Make sure to reserve your seat for this webinar on April 20th at 12:00 CST today and learn how production dashboards can make you and your entire staff truly aware of what’s happening on your floor. Or if you’d like to speak with one of our consultants today to understand how a manufacturing execution system can benefit your operations specifically, contact us today.

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