KPIs & Dashboards

The KPI & Dashboard Module is designed to leverage shop floor reporting already taking place in Paper-Less MES. This module modernizes your shop floor providing increased visibility, enabling communication, and driving responsiveness.

Key Benefits

Accurate Real-Time Data & Updates

As reporting takes place in Paper-Less MES, the KPI and Dashboard feature "watches" these transactions and immediately delivers updates across the targeted work center(s) Dashboard.

Eliminate Manual Reporting

Eliminate the need for manual data collection and reporting to production boards that cause lags or potential human errors.

Gain insight into actionable information

Having the ability to see trends based on actual production data preserved in historical data tables, helps managers determine trends and potential issues before they arise.

Workcenter Downtime Hours Dashboard
Workcenter Downtime Hours Dashboard

See Your Data Your Way

This module provides significant configuration options to personalize your experience including:

  • Selectable Chart Types
  • Custom Date Range Capability
  • Target Workcenter(s)
  • Actual Versus Expected Pieces
  • Specify Single or Multiple Workcenter Dashboards


Decisions at a Glance - by Color with our Andon Board

Easy-to-consume information leads you directly to problem areas needing attention.

A color-coded graphic representation of when a station is down minimizes delays on the shop floor. Maintain the flow on your shop floor and keep productivity at new all-time highs. As instinctive as a stop light, you will quickly discern what to do at a glance.

Andon Dashboard
Andon Dashboard
OEE Dashboard
OEE Dashboard

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Dashboard

Our OEE dashboard is a great tool to identify equipment availability, performance, and quality. There are many benefits to tracking OEE such as:  

  • Focus on eliminating problem areas
  • Reduce waste, scrap, and rework costs
  • Minimizing idling time and stops on your production lines
  • Reduce equipment costs
  • Increased labor efficiency 

OEE will showcase what impact even the slightest changes make on firms operating effectiveness. It will help identify areas that need to gain the most improvement based on the data produced by Paper-Less MES. 

Don't miss out on our KPIs & Dashboards Reading

The KPI and Dashboards module extends the MES footprint to eliminate disparate systems needed to manage production operations. This document covers more about its capabilities here.


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