KPIs & Dashboards Help with Productivity

Take Control of Your Data...
and take control of your shop floor!

Being able to gather information easily is one thing but having the ability to view it and then take action is the real reason for capturing the information in the first place. The KPI & Dashboard Add-On is designed to leverage shop floor reporting already taking place in the MES for XA Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Developed in conjunction with customer feedback, the module works with key production metrics to improve the visibility across operations and drive improvement across your organization.

Decisions at a Glance - by Color

Easy to consume information leads you directly to problem areas needing attention. A color-coded graphic representation of when a station is down minimizes the delays on the shop floor. Maintain the flow on your shop floor and keep productivity at new all time highs. As instinctive as a stop light, you will quickly discern what to do at a glance.


• Red =        Urgent, Work center which is down
• Yellow =   Job taking more time than expected
• Orange = Work center is Idle or not active
• Green =    Work center is active & on target


When Visibility Matters

Have particular areas more critical to your production flow for most jobs… keep an eye on them more easily. Maybe you have a station that is crucial to getting a priority order complete for shipping. Either way, the ability to see status and activity for a single or numerous work centers can be very helpful. MES for XA’s KPI & Dashboard Add-On will give your staff the visibility they need.

Create 1 dashboard with multiple pages or many dashboards, one for each area. Paper-Less MES modernizes your shop floor providing increased visibility, enabling communication & driving responsiveness.


Contact a Paper-Less representative today, see how this increased visibility and velocity will help you.


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