Andon board manufacturing monitoring shop floor management

Getting real-time machine and work center production status for more efficient manufacturing management

Downtime is killer, and so are slow production rates. The situation becomes much worse when they’re found out about much later. Just waiting for situational updates may be adding to lost production time. Learning about conditions faster can sidestep or reduce lost productivity. How can production managers know sooner?

Using a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) like MV2 can be the solution for managing machines and work centers more efficiently. The MV2 MES is always on, recording production information and providing access to this information in real-time. The production management system can oversee manufacturing processes and report back when conditions call for alerting management personnel.

MV2 takes it further with digital Andon dashboards. Modeled after the time-tested Andon trees found on many production machines and automation cells, the digital Andon dashboard provides a centralized location where the status of every machine tied into the MV2 MES is displayed.

Andon monitoring shop floor tracking
The MV2 digital Andon Dashboard that provides manufacturers with centralized production status in real-time.

While the board displays the same three colors present in the trees, it provides more information on the situation of each machine or cell. The Andon Dashboard also displays which job is being operated on, the operators logged in, and how far along in the job the area is. If the machine or work area is down, the dashboard can show the reason why it is down.

Being that the dashboard is a digital one, it’s available on desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. The Andon Dashboard can be configured for certain areas and ported to shop floor monitors as needed. That means wherever managers or supervisors are in the facility, they have easy access to information necessary to keep a plant running as effectively as possible.

Contact us today if you’re looking to get more visibility and velocity out of your production floor. We can set up a demo to show that MV2 can take your management systems to the next level.

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