MV2 shop floor data system operates regardless of ERP changes

Keep manufacturing running regardless of ERP Changes

MV2’s real-time reporting functionality provides stability in the face of ERP unavailability

Many times, when a company desires to switch its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, the firm’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) also must change. This situation is mainly due to the level at which the MES is built into the ERP. Some MES systems are so highly connected that they cannot work without their specific ERP system. Due to the MV2 MES’s design, it is not dependent on one specific ERP system. It can run when the ERP is running and run when ERP is not running.

The same functionality that makes MV2 highly compatible with several ERP systems also makes it far less frustrating to change ERP systems without disrupting production. It’s also the reason why MV2 is always on, reporting data and routing production information regardless of what’s happening with the ERP system.

MES and ERP Database connection for shop floor data management

What makes this possible stems from MV2 being built to operate as a standalone application. To provide this ability, the MES operates its own database to store production data. When it interoperates with the enterprise resource planning system, MV2 issues system calls to receive scheduling information. ERP systems receive their production information from the MES’ database. Both systems are distinct from each other. The integration between MV2 and ERP is automated. This process syncs information from ERP when needed. It also publishes MV2 information to ERP when shop activity occurs.

Should the ERP system need to be changed or migrated, MV2 can continue functioning as it had until the system call integration is completed to the new ERP system. Manufacturing operations are essentially unaffected and historical production data has not been lost. It also means a firm can upgrade its MES system without waiting for the ERP to be replaced or being hemmed-in to a few ill-fitting shop floor management system choices.

If you’re looking for a dependable MES system that has not only the capability, but the stability developed from stand-alone operational abilities, contact us today. Our MV2 MES may be the solution you’re looking for.

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