It's time to move your MES into the MV2 cloud!

Your shop floor visibility & velocity solution

MV2 is a powerful and robust Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that helps manufacturing firms get the most out of their existing resources & processes at a fraction of the cost of hiring workers or adding automation.

MV2 MES provides its benefits by connecting down to PLC-level systems, and up to an existing Microsoft F&O ERP system, to offer real-time reporting and management of workers, machines, and operations across the entire production facility.

Migrating to the cloud has several advantages for IT professionals while providing the same robust qualities as on-site Paper-Less MES systems. We’ve listed the highlights below.

Watch the power of MV2

MV2 is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated MES suite of functionality designed to support the requirements of today’s discrete manufacturing environments.

Our MV2 MES system is designed to be customizable to exactly what your firm needs. Explore each aspect of our MV2 modules, and visualize what they can do for your production operations, based on your industry.

Isn’t it time your shop went Paper-Less?!

Same Reliability

MV2 has been proven in the field for over 15 years. Like Paper-Less, MV2 was built on the same principles of reliability only built on up-to-date technology to power your shop floor.

No software and updates to manage

You can be guaranteed to be running the most advanced and stable version of the software without having to do it all internally. All the software maintenance, patching and upgrading of the MES system
is done by our in-house staff.

No server hardware to maintain

MV2 runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. That means no more managing a dedicated server or worrying about replacement parts, upgrades or end of life scenarios. The software is maintained on the latest hardware

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The Benefits of MV2

Reduce errors & increase production speed with electronic kanban

With MV2's digital Kanban capabilities the system collects & distributes information instantly, while providing a reliable method of delivering Kanban card information.

Learn more here

Remove paper from the shop floor

Maintain the intuitiveness of paper routing or travelers, but limit the delays and errors of paper with MV2 MES.

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Complete visibility with MV2 KPI's/Dashboards

Have the access you desire (onsite or off-site) and the visibility into your production floor you need to make immediate decisions wisely.

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MV2 provides multi-vendor compatibility

MV2's ERP system compatibility has been tested and integrated with a number of popular ERP systems.

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MV2 provides digital work instructions 

Remove guessing & hesitation in production by having access to directions, schematics, videos & more - Do the job right the 1st time!

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Better visibility on scrap production

There’s another way to more effectively track scrap production – using a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) like MV2 to automatically record counts.

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