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ISE Hybrid-Cloud High Availability Hosting

Sometimes on-site systems just need the security of knowing there’s reliable recovery options. With our Hybrid-Cloud solution ISE offers that reliability, as well as the capability to monitor the performance of on-site systems remotely. These abilities together not only bring piece of mind, it releases IT staff to provide more value to the firm.

Our Hybrid-Cloud HA offering leaves your IBMi system on-premise and adds a Cloud replication with optional daily backups to Cloud storage from the Cloud HA Logical Partition (LPAR).

Offering includes:

  • Replicating on-premise LPAR to ISE Cloud LPAR
  • Daily backup of Cloud HA LPAR to Cloud storage
  • 8x5 Managed Services

Trusting ISE to manage both data security concerns and on-site server operations means a firm can concentrate on using their IT resources to advance the company’s capabilities for the price they were paying to maintain current operations.

If you’re looking for a hosting solution that helps solve making sure data is backed up and systems are managed properly, contact ISE today to learn more about our Hybrid-Cloud High-Availability Hosting solution for on-site systems management.

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