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ISE Cloud without High Availability Hosting

Maintaining on-site servers and processes is now a situation that can be avoided by using modern cloud hosting offerings. ISE can migrate your software – even with heavy customization and specially made applications to a cloud hosted solution. That means no need to devote IT resources to managing servers or planning for upcoming hardware repairs and upgrades, while still getting the reliability of on-site, dedicated hardware.

Your cloud-based software will run just as it did on native servers. They will also be automatically backed-up to the cloud for greater security and resiliency. These services will also be overseen by ISE’s dedicated staff of administrators who will focus on keeping your systems up and running. Our Managed Services reduce the need for on-site administration. This frees your IT staff to work on other issues within the company.

This offering moves your on-premise production Logical Partition (LPAR) to the ISE Cloud.

Offering includes:

  • Production Cloud LPAR
  • Daily backup of Cloud LPAR to Cloud storage
  • Remote Desktop
  • 8x5 Managed Services

If you’re looking to reduce the load on your IT staff while making sure to provide the same level of service to business operations, it might be time to consider moving your servers and business systems to ISE’s cloud. Our highly experienced integration consultants can walk you through the migration process and explain in more detail the benefits your operations will receive by moving to a cloud first strategy. Contact us today!


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