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ISE Cloud with High Availability Hosting

With our ISE cloud hosting combined with high availability hosting, IT departments get the highest level of redundancy and reliability. Combining the lift and shift abilities ISE has to completely migrate your business systems into a secure cloud server with the failover capabilities of multiple server instances helps guarantee your facility will have the uptime it needs to make sure production and other business operations run smoothly.

Adding these abilities to ISE’s own managed services abilities means your IT department does not need to dedicate resources to make sure these newly cloud-based systems are running properly. ISE can do that with it’s 8x5 Managed Services support. This frees up the staff to work on other issues or bring new functionality to the firm.

This offering moves your on-premise production Logical Partition (LPAR) to the ISE Cloud and adds a Cloud HA LPAR.

Offering includes:

  • Production Cloud LPAR
  • Replicating Production Cloud LPAR to HA Cloud LPAR
  • Daily backup of HA Cloud LPAR to Cloud storage
  • Remote Desktop
  • 8x5 Managed Services

Making the right choice about how to provide consistent, reliable business systems operations is can be difficult. But moving to ISE’s high availability cloud server hosting is an easy solution to making sure your operations are secure and dependable. It may even save the firm money in the process.

If your firm is considering migrating to cloud-based IT systems, contact us today. Our highly experienced consultants can help step through the process and how these benefits will translate to your business systems and operations.

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