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Is Your IBM Hardware Still Supported?

Is your IBM hardware still supported?   IBM systems have proven their reliability over the years and with that some customers have become somewhat complacent about maintenance.  If you have an “older” system that is not covered under maintenance and you needed a replacement part what impact might that have on your business?  How much time might it take to locate, have the part shipped and installed, and by whom?


We understand for various reasons customers continue to use older hardware systems, but we just want you to understand the possible ramifications.  When IBM withdraws maintenance that may also indicate that replacement parts are in short supply.  Replacement parts may be used parts provided with or without a warranty.  Is the cost/benefit worth it to your organization?

Regardless of your situation, please be sure to be diligent in backing up (saving) your system: your system software, application software, data files, configuration, security, documents, drawings, etc.  In case of a system failure you may need to restore – do you have current information saved to enable to restore?  If your latest backup was a week ago, how would it impact your organization if all the data for the last week was “lost”?


If you have any concerns about whether or not your IBM system is still supported, if your IBM system software is supported, or if you have complete and reliable backup, feel free to contact us.   We have experience in all these areas.  Call us today!  Or until then, please be sure to be diligent in your complete system save (SAVE 21) and daily backups.


IBM® Hardware Maintenance End of Service Extension is the answer for clients who are not able to migrate off IBM devices prior to the end of service (EOS) date. With this offering, IBM may continue to provide support to clients beyond the effective EOS date based on availability of repair parts, skills, and engineering field support.

IBM’s latest release is IBM i 7.4 which offers continuous availably, enhanced security as well as integration with IoT, AI and Watson.

Caution!  Before considering a new release for your IBM i you need to be sure that all of your other software products are also compatible with the new release.

Jeanne Balzuweit

Senior Programmer/Analyst with Information Systems Engineering, Inc.

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