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  • New user interface IDF+Workspace
    • Delivers a dramatically modernized solution to System i customers looking to modernize their proven solution in a non-disruptive way.
  • Mobile Interface
    • Provides major functional updates faster and on annual basis
  • Extended applications
    • Delivers loosely couples global implementations
  • Global flexible deployment
    • Supports Power System customers looking to grow or bolster their IT infrastructure globally
  • Pervasive analytics
    • Drives greater value from core ERP solution and makes data in the system more relevant to a broader audience within the enterprise.

Upgrading Infor XA: The path to greater business value.  

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What it is

The future of ERP on IBM i

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You’ll be able to optimize your operations across all business processes while providing immediate access to critical information throughout the enterprise. The solution also meets discrete manufacturers’ planning and replenishment requirements, introducing a level of visibility needed to control complex supply chain relationships. 

A comprehensive global enterprise resource planning solution, Infor XA helps discrete manufacturers in a wide range of industries, including industrial equipment and controls, metal and plastic fabrication, furniture and fixtures, automotive, medical devices, and aerospace.   

Infor XA 

What it means


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