With the proliferation of cloud-based technologies, you may be considering moving your Infor XA and IBM footprint to the cloud.  This post will cover many aspects of moving to the cloud with a specific focus on the Infor XA system running on IBM servers running IBM i.

Reasons to consider the move:

There are several key reasons why companies consider the move to the cloud or hosted model:

  • Limited resources to handle the maintenance of an on-premise system. This can occur due to a changing workforce, some of the unique skills needed for ERP and IBM system management, or a focus on company core competencies as compared to system management.
  • Costs of maintaining an on-premise system. Costs include internal resources to maintain the system, local networking infrastructure, storage, power and cooling, security/access, etc.
  • Predictable Op-Ex cost structures. On-premise systems require periodic upgrades, both hardware, and software, with unpredictable cost exposure.  Cloud solutions include varying amounts of managed services tailored to your needs based on monthly, quarterly, or annual spend.
  • Needs for increased resiliency, redundancy, and security. Today’s business demands require companies to prove they have computing power and policies in place to provide resiliency in the case of disaster.  By their very nature, cloud-based solutions provide both computing power and capable resources to ensure faster recovery in the event of a disaster.  To be a viable provider, they also are required to provide substantial focus on security, both cyber and physical, to protect your systems and confidential information.
  • Your current system is aging. Time to replace the aging IBM server?  It’s a perfect time to consider if a cloud-based partition is right for you and your company.

XA Readiness for the Cloud

  • Can I run XA remotely? Many companies have been running XA to remote sites or users for years. XA10 embraces the thin NetLink XML client, with tools to bring greenscreen forward.  Previous versions of XA9 and before work well with remote access and virtualization for the PowerLink thick client.

ISE offers substantial guidance and services focused on moving XA to the cloud.  For more information,  contact your sales rep, or Tony.Fleischman@ise-erp.com. We look forward to discussing your options.

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