Infor CPQ & Unique Item Generator (UIG)

Infor CPQ

Infor offers a web-based product configurator called Infor CPQ. CPQ stands for “configure, price, quote” and the software offers companies visualization tools to enhance your customers’ and prospects’ buying experience. Infor CPQ provides a modern sales experience, tailored to your customers and designed by your customers.

For over 35 years, Infor XA has provided solutions to a wide range of industries as a comprehensive secure Enterprise Resource Planning (ERG) system. ISE has integrated our XA with Infor CPQ to produce configurations in XA.

What is UIG?

“UIG” stands for “Unique Item Generator.” UIG is a robust offering from ISE. The integration between CPQ and XA produces large amounts of configurations in XA. This allows companies to have a unique item number in XA for each unique configuration. The UIG completes the CPQ-to-XA integration by creating a unique item for each unique configuration.


To learn more download our UIG brochure located below or contact our team to learn more about the benefits of incorporating Infor CPQ and UIG capabilities.

Reduce Costs With Infor CPQ

Reduce Costs With Infor CPQ Allow your brand to overshadow competitors by establishing an effortless sales process that directly benefits business being conducted with distributors, dealers, and customers. Overall, cost reductions will be seen by self-service quoting, systems that work together, and providing customers with visualization and verification through the implementation of Infor CPQ. Infor…


Differentiating Your Brand With Infor CPQ

Differentiating Your Brand With Infor CPQ With markets becoming increasingly competitive it’s important to stay cutting edge and relevant. Infor CPQ’s personalization allows your company to stand out in a crowded market with data-driven ways to elevate above your competition. The internet provides thousands of options in terms of online ordering and providing users with…


Increase Sales with Infor CPQ

Increase Sales with Infor CPQ Your company’s main motivation is discovering innovative and efficient ways to continue driving sales by meeting customers’ needs. Infor CPQ maximizes consumer interest during their product research phase and before direct contact with a sales representative. Success in the digital economy is heavily based on establishing a seamless user experience….

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