Maximizing throughput on the production floor requires more than just managing people or schedules. It requires a deep understanding of what’s happening on a minute-by-minute basis and quick reaction times. Using a properly integrated manufacturing execution system like MV2 is the best way to have both.

The MV2 MES can automatically collect shop floor data and convert that into insights and actions. We’ve selected a few of the ways MV2 can increase a manufacturing firm's responsiveness with the information it already generates.

Digital Dashboards anywhere

Just knowing what’s going on can be a major advantage in improving efficiency on the floor. MV2 can take the real-time status of machines and work centers and deliver them anywhere in the facility through its dashboard functionality. Managers, supervisors, and operators can see instantly the condition and performance of operations through production boards on the floor, on mobile devices, or on their desktops.

Job sequencing changes are delivered quickly

Sometimes maximizing throughput means reducing downtime and confusion. Getting the word out quickly that production needs to change focus can mean a big difference in reducing over-production. With MV2’s ability to immediately update every affected process, it also means those changeovers can be much more streamlined.

KPIs and metrics on demand

Being able to access manufacturing data beyond real-time snapshots can position a firm for even greater benefits. MV2 provides this capability for nearly everything it collects. This ability provides managers the visibility to see how processes function over time and interact to find patterns and match rates to maximize shop floor performance while identifying recurring issues.

Of course, there are other methods a manufacturing execution system like MV2 can help managers and engineers extract hidden performance. Contact us today to have one of our highly trained consultants speak with you in-depth about your production operations and what MV2 can do for you.

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