Improving Inventory Control with Paper-Less MES


Benefits & Importance of inventory control

  • Improve on-time delivery and customer satisfaction by avoiding stock-outs
  • Avoid carrying too much or too little inventory by improving inventory accuracy
  • Improve productivity by eliminating manual paper and pen processes
  • Real-time inventory visibility allowing you to make better decisions

Watch how Infor XA customers have improved inventory control with Paper-Less MES

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What to Expect:

  • Discovery session with Paper-Less Business Process Consultant
  • Analyze current state
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Future state suggestions

The Workshop will consist of a discussion and discovery session with a Paper-less expert along with several action items that you will complete so that an accurate current state of your Inventory Control can be established.  These initial steps will result in feedback for suggested areas of improvement and how Paper-Less MES would support those areas of improvement.

Next Steps After the Workshop

  • 2-day on-site value mapping exercise
  • Value Mapping focused on key areas identified from workshop
  • Create an executable operational plan for improving inventory control

After the workshop is complete there will be an option to have a Paper-Less Business Process Improvement Consultant come on-site along with a Paper-Less Implementation Consultant to do a value map exercise of the inventory process flow for the key areas identified from the Workshop. This two-day on-site assessment will result in a deliverable of an executable operational plan for improving Inventory Control with associated cost benefits along with all associated costs to execute the plan allowing you to take a real ROI forward for approval.

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Paper-Less MES Integration to XA

Paper-Less MES is an Infor Solution Provider that has a Plug-and-Play bi-directional integration to XA with 30 years of proven integration to XA (MAPICS).  This document is a brief description of the integration capabilities of Infor XA and Paper-Less MES.

About Paper-Less MES

For nearly 40 years, Paper-Less has consistently helped discrete manufacturing companies gain a competitive edge in ever-evolving markets and meet industry and/or customer compliance requirements. We currently serve over 270 manufacturing customers running Infor XA worldwide with over 20,000 client users.

Inventory is only part of the Power of MES






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