IBM Logo in blue with horizontal white stripes


IBM Logo in blue with horizontal white stripes

What is it?

Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications or other business elements to a cloud or hosted computing environment.  There are various types of cloud migrations.  Within the IBM i platform, a common approach is the Lift and Shift method.  The “Lift” focuses on proven and streamlined procedures to move existing applications and data from on-premise footprints to single tenant cloud environments. The “Shift” upgrade proceeds with next steps focused on Cloud-Enabled state of the art technologies.  ISE leverages our IBM expertise, bringing these skills forward to optimize the “Lift and Shift” process. 

Reasons to Consider Migration to the Cloud

• Limited on-site resources

• Unlimited scalability

• Reduced operational costs

• Quicker deployment

• Increased security

• Geographic flexibility

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