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Human Error Prevention in Manufacturing: 3 Key Technology Safeguards

Human Error Prevention in Manufacturing: 3 Key Technology Safeguards

May 10, 2017 //

To Err is Human, to Preempt Using Technology is Divine

I have to say that I am glad not to be in the shoes of the accountant who made the mistake of handing the wrong card for Best Picture to Warren Beatty at the recent Oscars.  I am thankful also that I wasn’t the guy or gal at Amazon who pushed the wrong button and brought down all those companies depending on Amazon’s cloud services.

As humans, we sometimes make errors and unfortunately those mistakes can have devastating consequences.  Human error in manufacturing leads to negative outcomes including added expenses, customer delays and customer dissatisfaction.

When things go wrong on the production floor, it is imperative to have technology safeguards in place.  The following are three key safeguards to help protect your company from the negative outcomes of human error:

  • Visibility of Accurate and Highly Detailed Production Data. By using a production reporting system, you can connect your production floor to your ERP.  As shop floor operations advance, the ERP is automatically updated – allowing visibility into the detailed production data.
  • Real-time Access to Production Changes. Shop floor management software helps you eliminate the old paper shop packets, or travelers, and gets you real-time access to changes in the production schedule.  With real-time access to production data, you are able to manage customer expectations, helping to improve overall customer satisfaction.
  • Error Alerts and Necessary Notifications. Notifications and alerts are an essential element of any production management system. They let you know of any errors in the production process, giving you the opportunity to manage personnel and shop floor operations in a timely manner.

A successful manufacturing execution system (MES) application provides all three of these technology safeguards.  By putting these systems in place you can achieve your production and business goals, including:

  • Reducing manufacturing costs
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Avoiding customer delays
  • Improving quality

The Paper-Less MV2 award-winning manufacturing execution system (MES) application helps customers achieve these goals.

Check out our videos page to learn more about how Paper-Less MES can help with your business needs.


This blog has since been updated, including additional safeguard options, please take a look.


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