What is remote software management?

Remote software management is where a company’s system or network is managed by someone else from a remote location. This includes monitoring, troubleshooting, and other necessary upkeep tasks. This allows organizations to maximize resources to monitor machine efficiency to result in cost savings and an overall increase in supply chain efficiency.

Reduce Costs

One of the biggest challenges many manufacturers have been facing since the Covid-19 pandemic has begun is hiring and maintaining a solid labor force. With the implementation of remote software management, there will be a direct decrease in costs involving labor and maintenance. Since the machines are managed remotely there will need to be fewer employees involved with maintaining machines. The labor can be redirected to help in other areas of the plant.

Remote software management is directly connected to the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and machine sensors. The sensors on machines can check productivity and communicate across the shop floor to analyze which machines are lacking or up to efficient standards. Over time, this communication can begin the conversation about which machines or parts are likely to fail soon because remote monitoring enables predictive maintenance.

Remote software management reduces operating costs over time by saving time and labor with predictive maintenance made possible by the IIoT.

Increased productivity

An important metric for factories to track is downtime, as it can have a significant impact on production performance and revenue. Downtime can directly reduce the amount of work a factory can produce, and waste operator time, all while consuming maintenance staff in the process. With remote software management, users receive alerts in advance for potential problems that can cause costly downtime.

Remote management gives managers full visibility to make accurate real-time decisions. The system can provide trending data from equipment about health and conditions. The IIoT sensors can let users know when there’s irregular motor movement, temperature changes, humidity levels, and much more. The reports make it easy to analyze equipment overall equipment effectiveness (oee). These insights can support continuous improvement in areas such as machine operation, maintenance, and customer service.

ISE managed services

ISE offers remote software management on IBM iSeries servers, which is managed by ISE’s highly experienced remote managers. We can perform several functions from remote monitoring ERP systems and server performance to handling software, OS upgrades, and much more. We use an intelligent monitoring solution for IBM Power Systems to make this all possible. These services are available during standard business hours to make sure we are available when shop floors need us the most. Our capabilities help unburden on-site IT staff while providing the reliability manufacturers need for daily operations.

When organizations can leverage remote management there is a guarantee for improving operational efficiency, increasing market share, and improving customer experiences. Remote software management is revolutionizing the way many manufacturers do business. This provides companies with a platform to drive future innovation and growth.

If you would like to learn more about our managed services and how they can improve your bottom line, contact us today.

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