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Guest Blog – Hossein Davari: The Future of Artificial Intelligence


Acuity’s Manufacturing Specialist, Mike Schlagenhaufer, recently sat down with Hossein Davari, Data Scientist at Seismos, Inc., and former research associate at NSF Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems (IMS) at the University of Cincinnati, to better understand artificial intelligence and its effect on manufacturing.


You and your research team are connected to Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems (IMS) – How can manufacturing companies benefit from it?

By joining the IMS consortium, companies benefit from the knowledge and experience IMS has gathered in the past 18 years and get access to IMS core technologies, such as Watchdog Agent toolbox, our AI and machine learning algorithms, and the intellectual property developed in the Center. IMS also provides training programs for its members which is great for companies that are interested to develop such capability internally.


Where do you see AI in 5 to 10 years from now?

AI, computing and IoT technologies have been growing. Within the next 10 years, AI is going to impact every single industry and every aspect of our daily life. AI will be largely integrated into the business operations with major impact on their efficiency and productivity. With such a large collection of medical data, AI can transform how we diagnose, treat and prevent diseases. On the flip side, it will also bring grave challenges in areas such as privacy, security and military applications.


How is the AI community addressing the fear of “takeover”? (i.e., robots taking over jobs or the world)

With AI, machines in the future will be able to perform physical tasks, as well as tasks that require “thinking”. This rapid growth of technology will also create jobs that require new sets of skills, while eliminating jobs that have a repetitive nature. This might either cause widespread unemployment and social challenges, or lead to a utopia, where people get to spend their lives pursuing what they find meaningful, rather than doing jobs they are forced to do to afford a living.


What are the biggest takeaways manufacturers should know about AI?

The rapidly evolving AI technology provides significant opportunities for manufacturers to harness its power and bring an unprecedented level of transparency to their manufacturing progress. On the other hand, lagging in adapting and embracing this technology, can make them outdated as the market and customer demands are continuously evolving as well.

Michael S.

Manufacturing Expert with Acuity

This was the 3rd blog in a series done by Hossein Davari. Make sure to check out the other 2!

Republished from "focus" blog by Acuity, with approval of author.

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