Digital production boards on shop floor

Go digital with manufacturing production boards

Get need-to-know production information anywhere on the shop floor and in real-time with MV2 Dashboards

Keeping track of everything happening on the shop floor is a full-time job. Sometimes it’s a few full-time jobs. Then there’s the task of getting that information in front of the right eyes at the right time. Typically, all this ends up on production job boards sprinkled across the floor.

Ideally, having these boards everywhere in the facility would be best. The headache of the prospect is making sure the information is updated in a timely manner across all these boards. But reducing the number of boards you have means workers must travel to them or worse – just keep doing what they think they should be doing.

With the MV2 Manufacturing Execution System (MES), these production boards can be managed digitally. That means the information can be transmitted to any location in the facility: large screens on the floor, to desktops or even mobile devices. It also means the information displayed is updated from a single source – no more sending people around the floor to make changes to physical boards or collecting information for them.

Production boards on CNC machine shop floor

When a facility goes to electronic production boards run by MV2, it gets all that information in real-time. Leveraging MV2’s machine, workforce and materials data collection capabilities, job status boards and work center AndOn boards are instantaneously updated. This direct connection to shop floor operations reduces not only errors but the time it takes to learn when machines go down, which jobs are taking longer to complete or other important issues.

With this complete visibility and immediate velocity of data available, managers and supervisors can be faster to react to events as they unfold. That will translate to better yields and greater throughput.

If you’d like to see your production data collected and put to work in real time, contact Paper-Less today. Our highly experienced integration consultants can help explain what’s possible with your production operations.

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