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Getting to error free quotation of complex products

Selling products with a high degree of customization can be a challenge. Aside from the issues at the forefront of everyone’s mind, like knowing what options are available which are not, keeping staff up to date on that availability and actually showing the customer what configurations would look like, the challenge of quoting the options properly can be headache in itself.

One solution is Infor’s Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software. CPQ offers several features that makes selling customizable products easier to sell, as well as offering the ability to reduce errors in the quotation and ordering process.  

One important feature of CPQ is maintaining centralized pricing and feature set rules. When this data is managed and digitally updated from only one location, the potential for quoting errors can fall to a negligible amount.  Quick updates mean correct quotes, shorter sales processes and happier customers who won’t get the wrong price or other surprises later on from quotes based on old information.

If your firm is seeing challenges in properly quoting highly customizable products, contact us today. Our experienced staff can help you determine if Infor CPQ would be the best option for your complex sales processes.


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