Electric kanban management process

Getting more out of Kanban processes on the shop floor

Moving to a digital Kanban system reduces errors and increases response times for manufacturers while offering greater control and visibility.

If you’re on your game, you’re probably running some sort of Kanban-based production scheduling process – and it’s probably been yielding good result.

Moving to an electronic version of the Kanban process can yield even more performance and visibility. Leaving paper-based scheduling behind in favor of digital management can supercharge the scheduling process in several ways. We’ve touched on a few of the larger areas, including the reduction of human error, next-level process monitoring and increasing a manager’s visibility into how the process is performing on the shop floor.

Digital kanban card

A Manufacturing Execution System like MV2 can provide the ability to transition to a digital Kanban system, as well as integrate that process with other powerful shop floor data collection, scheduling and monitoring capabilities.

If you’d like to learn a little more about how e-Kanban can offer even more throughput and efficiency, read about what we feel are the three biggest areas where the software-based approach can make a big difference. To learn more about MV2 MES’s Kanban capabilities and how it can integrate with your operations, contact us today.

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