Getting more from digital Kanban

Getting more from Kanban systems with MES

Advanced and automated Kanban process management features of the MV2 Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can reduce wait times and supply headaches.

Everyone knows Kanban systems bring a step-change in inventory control for shop floor operations. But when more throughput is needed from those same operations, you need make sure your Kanban systems can keep up.

With an MES like MV2, manufacturers can make sure their Kanban processes don’t start showing strain when more is needed from it. Below are three ways where MV2’s digital Kanban management process’ advanced features can be a game changer for production managers that want more from the conventional card process.

Electronic notifications

When running a digital Kanban system, there’s no waiting for a card to be found or delivered. All of this is done electronically within the software. When bins are needed, an immediate alert goes out to the relevant parties to replenish the supplies. This cuts down on the wasted time that accumulates from the processing times incurred from manual processes.

Automated threshold notifications

Typically, when a bin becomes empty a Kanban card is posted for refill. The time between empty bin and full bin is time wasted. Running MV2 as your digital Kanban system provides the ability to send notifications to relevant parties when bins reach a certain point of consumption. Setting these notifications to make sure there’s a new bin just as the current one is exhausted maximizes production time by reducing part lags.

Automated PO alerts

MV2 can take Kanban automation to the next level by monitoring part consumption and proactively request purchase orders be sent for low stock quantities. These requests can be set to be delivered to purchasing personnel to execute or the system could even be set up to issue the PO directly to vendors.

All three of these combined produces a more anticipatory Kanban system that helps make sure the pull process doesn’t create gaps along the way.

If you’re running Kanban processes in your facility and want to go to the next step in efficiency by reducing wait times on the shop floor, contact us today. Our MV2 Kanban module’s advanced features can help you streamline your processes.

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