Manufacturing visibility scrap production shop floor data

Getting a handle on scrap with a shop floor data system

Go beyond end of shift counts with a manufacturing Execution system to get in front of scrap issues.

Keeping production costs down is key and scrap production can be a big factor in cost control when manufacturing products. Many times, just calculating how much scrap – whether in the form of failed parts or unused materials – is a process that can’t be easily done. To get that information, it usually requires dedicating more hours from production staff than a manager would like.

While manufacturing execution systems can bring a lot of capabilities to shop floor management, they can also help tabulate scrap rates. This inherent ability in MV2 goes beyond simply counting amounts. The system can connect that data with other information collected to the plant floor. Combining these information streams can give a plant manager or manufacturing engineer unparalleled insight on how much scrap is made and where it happens. It also uncovers what must be done to fix the problem.

Control Plan Run Chart example shop floor data collection
Sample run chart in MV2 Manufacturing Execution System

We’ve put together more information on what can be done with an MES system in counting, managing, and reducing scrap production. And we know the value that can be found. With our MES systems, we’ve reduced our customer’s scrap production by 27% or more!

If you’re interested in learning about how an MES like MV2 can help reduce scrap at your facility, contact us today. Our integration consultants can walk through what is available and what would work best for your specific processes.

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