Four ways to reduce downtime issues with an MES

Four ways to reduce downtime issues with an MES

Get ahead of potential down time issues on the shop floor with manufacturing monitoring provided by a manufacturing execution system.


Downtime in a manufacturing environment can have rippling effects throughout the shop floor – and its result is something that can be felt in the executive suites. Naturally manufacturing engineers and managers are always looking for ways to mitigate downtime situations. One solution is to employ a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to oversee production tracking. These systems can monitor the health of shop floor systems and provide managers the ability to not only react faster but the ability to sidestep potential issues. We’ve outline a few of the ways MES can do just that.

Immediate notification when machines go down.

MV2 provides managers alerts when machines or work centers enter downtime situations. That means actions can be taken quickly rather than finding out issues have developed only at the end of shifts or work weeks.

Collecting historical data to find long term developments

MES systems can also help managers move from reactive to proactive measures in several ways. The manufacturing control system collects manufacturing data and stores it. This data can be used to identify trends developing over time before they become downtime events.

Watching quality metrics to determine issues before they develop

When quality in a certain operation begins to fail, it can be big clue that an eventual equipment failure may be on the horizon. An MES system like MV2 can highlight important data for manufacturing engineers and managers. MV2’s quality graphing capability can show a gradual deterioration in testing and communicate this via email alerts as issues develop.

Watching machine performance for issues

It’s not only quality metrics that could indicate potential downtime issues might be developing. It could simply be a reduction parts produced. Increases in cycle time could indicate a struggling process or machine. MV2 can be used to monitor and alert managers of similar situations. These early warnings could mean the difference between a four-hour stoppage for repair and a 4 day or week wait for parts to fix the same issue.

These are just a few ways were managing production operations – and even more so production data – with a manufacturing execution system like MV2 can head off problems before they effect throughput metrics.

If you’d like to learn more about how an MES can help manage your specific operations, contact us today!

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