ISE Spring Virtual XA Conference

May 12th -14th

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We hope that you enjoyed the week as much as we did.

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Join ISE and Paper-Less for Virtual XA Trainings Learn and explore ways to improve your XA experience.

• 3 Days of Informative Sessions 
• Topics ranging from basic to advanced
• Expert presenters 

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Complimentary Training for our Regarded Customers.

The Schedule

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  1.  Achieving On Time Delivery with Paper-Less MES (Start)
  2. Next Gen XA Functionality (46:05)
  3. IBM Navigator for i (1:28:45)
  1. Closing the Loop on Costing with Paper-Less MES (Start)
  2. XA Financials (45:15)
  3. Working with Homepages (1:31:35)
  1. Workspaces (Start)
  2. IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) (37:15)
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Bringing together our customers & guests to gain industry insight and experience across all business platforms.


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Mark your calendars for our Annual XA Regional User Conference, October 12th-14th!

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