Crawl Walk Run Series

Paper-Less MES/MV2 Webinar Series


Small Wins Can Lead to Achieving Big Goals!

Improve your bottom line with small victories from Paper-Less MES.

In this 3-part series, you will learn how to first crawl, then walk, and ultimately run with Paper-Less MES/MV2.  From the most basic components of Paper-Less MES/MV2 to the most advanced features, each provides its own value to your shop floor and improves efficiency across the company.  Do More with Less...Paper-Less!

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11:30am - 12pm CST

CRAWL---Part #1 … Core Functions and Basic Shop Floor Events

See how you can utilize some basic core functions of Paper-Less MES/MV2 to achieve small victories for the shop floor and across your business.Focus on common data needs for all manufacturers.

-              Good and Scrap Pieces

-              Material Consumed

-              Finished Goods Completed

-              Printing Labels

-              Job Activity

November 14th

11:30am - 12pm CST

WALK---Part #2 … Advanced Functionality, Improved Visibility & Communication

Increase your victories by utilizing Paper-Less MES/MV2 advanced features to help streamline your reporting processes, improve communication, simplify events, and minimize common shop floor problems.

- Work Instructions

- Backflushing

- Prioritizing Work

- Cherry Picking what to work on

- Creating multiple actions with a single event

- Downtime

- Item Traceability

November 28th

11:30am - 12pm CST

RUN---Part #3: Utilizing all Functionality, Improve Real-Time Decision Making, and Integrating

Applications to streamline information, processes, and throughput.

Running with Paper-Less MES/MV2 although for immediate improvement based on knowing what is actually happening on the shop floor at a given moment.As well as a continuous improvement based on information that has been captured over a period of time. Helping identify kaizen events etc…

- Quality

- Kanban

- Dashboards

- Alerts & Notifications

- Metrics

- Machine Integration

- API’s

- Nesting

Our Paper-Less MES/MV2 "Man of the Half Hour"

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