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For Discrete Manufacturing ...  Infor® XA is a Robust, Comprehensive & Secure ERP

  •  Engineer-to-Order

  •  Configure-to-Order

  •  Make-to-Stock

  •  High-Volume Repetitive Manufacturing


For over 35 years, Infor XA has been a solution for a wide range of industries, including:

  Industrial Equipment  •  Aerospace & Defense

  High-Tech  •  Metal Fabrication  •  Medical Devices

Furniture & Fixtures  •  Automotive Suppliers  •  And MORE!


Infor XA’s modern, intuitive, and fully customizable interface will increase employee productivity by utilizing the Infor Development Framework (IDF) architecture

  •  Enhanced Security Features

  •  Easier Upgrade Paths + Release Transparency

  •  Support for Infor Operating Service (OS)

      & Infor Ming.le® (business collaboration) 


Infor Strategy & Investment in the IBMi Platforms
Infor XA within the Infor OS Framework



Infor XA manages all business processes:

        • Prospect-to-Cash 

                    • Design-to-Manufacture

• Source-to-Pay 

                   • Financial Management


Deep functionality exists to support global business operations:

                            • Multi-Book General Ledger 

        • Multi-Site Logistics

                                                   • Localizations across many countries 

      • Net-Link interface


      Built for the most secure platform in the industry: the IBM® System i®

Provides a low total cost of ownership with unlimited scalability

XA - Statement of Direction

Infor continues to invest in XA.

S. SOMASUNDARAM CTO, President of Products, Infor

Infor XA in the Cloud

Providing organizations the infrastructure & managed services to run XA in the Cloud.

Top 5 reasons to upgrade to Infor XA Cloud

XA Cloud offers the robust functionality of Infor XA, without the upfront cost of new systems and servers.

ISE - The right resource for companies running Infor XA 

A certified partner for Infor & IBM, ISE has been providing solutions for 35years!

Infor XA PowerFlex with Infor OS

PowerFlex provides a bundled set of strategic core applications leveraging the latest Infor technologies.

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