Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

A modern sales experience, tailored to your customers and designed by your customers.

What Is It?

CPQ stands for “configure, price, and quote." Our team can work with you to identify key aspects of this tool quickly, to identify how we can streamline quoting processes, improve accuracy, and leverage state-of-the-art visualization tools to greatly enhance your customers' and prospects' buying experience.

The world of technology oftentimes changes frequently, and the future of commerce lies at the will of technological innovation. It’s time you got ahead of the curve and streamlined your selling process to create compelling user experiences for all. CPQ allows customers to design products to fit their needs, construct their orders in real-time, and do so with error-free pricing. Infor CPQ is an enterprise solution that can effectively increase sales and differentiate your brand all while reducing costs.

Benefits of Implementing CPQ Software

Increase Sales

Companies that utilize Infor CPQ software reduce their sales cycles, because of Infor’s features such as automated quoting and simplified product configuration. Infor CPQ brings sales representatives closer to closing deals and customers even closer to purchasing items by eliminating the time needed to generate quotes.

Reduce Costs

An Infor CPQ allows your company to cut costs in areas unimaginable by reducing the possibility of error. The program can be integrated with your company’s current enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to help customers visualize and verify their future products.

Differentiate Your Brand

The future of sales requires you to rethink current approaches for creating an elevated user experience. Infor CPQ offers a reimagined customer experience by providing simplicity, speed, and style to help your brand stand out against competitors.

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Did you know?

ISE developed a CPQ Unique Item Generator to enhance the CPQ to XA interface

CPQ configuration for XA and ISE's Unique Item Generator application extends the CPQ-and-XA integration. UIG is a robust offering from ISE. The UIG completes the CPQ-to-XA integration by creating a unique item for each unique configuration.


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Overhead Door - 90% of Revenue through CPQ

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The way you sell can be as important as what you sell. For a growing number of product-driven companies, CPQ software is emerging as the cornerstone of their customer engagement strategy. CPQ reinvents the buying experience.

In the ongoing volatile market climate, with remote buying and selling still, a strong factor for many businesses, getting your product seen is a substantial part of the sales challenge. If you can’t present your products in a compelling visual way, time-poor potential buyers won’t just pass you by, they won’t know you exist. Technology improves both the presentation and accessibility of products for prospects and customers. This creates a stronger buying experience and improves sales.


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Infor CPQ is a configure, price, quote (CPQ) solution that primarily serves organizations in
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If you are interested in License Pricing and an implementation estimate, please fill out this questionnaire.

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