Production Planning in a Manufacturing Execution System

Doing production planning in an MES

The benefits of doing scheduling digitally in a manufacturing execution system are easy to list. We’ve outlined a few of them here.


Efficiently fitting all the operations needed to make production deadlines is a tough job. It’s even harder when a manager must perform this Tetris-like operation using spreadsheets and paper. But operations like this are what Manufacturing Execution Systems were made for. Below, we’ll touch on a few of the ways MES systems can reduce the time and frustration of production planning in a discrete manufacturing environment.

Direct connection to ERP systems makes loading BOM and other job information easy

With their direct connection to Enterprise Resource Planning systems, MES systems can easily download information about sales orders and integrate it into the production planning process. That means managers are using the correct information to plan without the possibility of errors in transcription entering in the system or finding their information is out of date.

Easier to understand visual layout of production schedules

MV2 manufacturing production scheduling screen showing drag and drop planning

Today’s manufacturing execution system like MV2 provides managers the ability to lay out the operations that make up work orders automatically and in an efficient manner. The MES also has drag and drop scheduling capabilities to suit changes in the requirements of the job or in the availability of processes and equipment.

Quick read process monitoring capabilities

When in their scheduling screens, manufacturing execution systems like MV2 can show what condition current operations are in with color coding. Managers can easily see if processes are tracking on-time, in danger of going over time or already past their scheduled finish time. This color coding can quickly alert managers of developing situations that may call for attention and restructuring of the production schedule.

Going to digital shop floor management brings several advantages, these are just a few of the ways a manufacturing execution system like MV2 can improve production planning operations for the shop floor.

If you’re looking to put down the spreadsheet or the pencil and paper for better, real time manufacturing management that goes beyond operations scheduling, contact us today to learn more!

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