Digital Kanban with MV2 shop floor management

Digital Kanban

Modernize your Kanban processes on your shop floor with MV2 Manufacturing Execution System. Get the speed and error-free operation that only electronic process control can provide.

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Digital kanban card

Next-Level Pull management and efficiency

Stop filling out cards on the floor, getting shop personnel to deliver them to Inventory or manually scheduling bins. The MV2 digital Kanban system does all this automatically. The system keeps count of materials used for each job and signals the proper departments when replenishment is necessary.



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Real Time Alerts and level monitoring

Want to get ahead of work stoppages due to replenishment gaps? Our digital Kanban system can tell you where everything is and at what stage in the process they’re in – all from your desktop or mobile device. MV2 can also alert when materials are reaching low levels well before lines stop.



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Kanban Historical Tracking

Total process analysis

Easily uncover hiccups and recurring issues that rob productivity, instead of sifting through weeks of cards. With MV2’s data recording foundation, managers can not only see their Kanban processes operate in real time, they can go back and see how each performs over time.





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