Differentiating Your Brand With Infor CPQ

With markets becoming increasingly competitive it’s important to stay cutting edge and relevant. Infor CPQ’s personalization allows your company to stand out in a crowded market with data-driven ways to elevate above your competition.

The internet provides thousands of options in terms of online ordering and providing users with the power of control positively affects your brand’s overall image. The small details ingrained in the Infor CPQ can help differentiate you in the crowded market. More than 80 percent of buyers say that product images are the top influence in their buying decisions.

The Infor CPQ system is innovative, engaging, and accessible to all users. Your customers and prospects can actively engage with your brand through their phone, desktop, or tablet at any time and in any place through the offline quoting and configuration feature. As companies began to use Infor’s CPQ multi-platform interactivity it has increased touchless order conversion by 78 percent. These efforts increase the likelihood that customers will return to finish their purchase and return for future orders.

Buyers today look for companies that sell quality products and can ensure speedy delivery in the simplest way. Each customer has a unique buying process, and they navigate through multiple steps before committing to a purchase. One of the biggest reasons sales fall through the cracks is due to the slow timing between steps in the buyer’s process.

Businesses that survive during uncertain times do so by prioritizing customer satisfaction and retention. Delays leave your company susceptible for prospects to lose interest and turn to your competitors for solutions. Infor CPQ implementation has decreased the quote cycle time by nearly 80 percent while providing customers with specific pricing and catalogs tailored just for them.

Infor CPQ Sample Product Mockup

Infor CPQ’s integration with your ERP generates data that can be analyzed and used as research to make better customer-centered decisions. The data is organized and simple to read on the manufacturer and channel dashboards indicating open, won, or lost quotes. Implementing Infor CPQ software transforms and simplifies the research and analytics process for the back office. The data stored in this system provides companies with accurate metrics and insights that can be analyzed to help influence future product availability. The program can also clearly show pricing analysts the real-time ramifications of each sale and where customer needs lie. Overall, these important data insights can be used to make modifications to generate more leads.

Infor CPQ Manufacturing Dashboard

Infor CPQ is the tool your sales team deserves to simplify the sales process and shift focus towards promoting your brand and assisting customers. It’s time to bring your products to life with real-time, interactive, and dynamic imaging. The software increases sales, reduce costs, and enhances your brand by streamlining processes to grow your company’s bottom line. The software empowers sales representatives and gives customers confidence in your brand and processes.

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