Connect digital Kanban to digital shop floor management

With MV2 you can connect Kanban processes to production sequencing. Read about the gains putting these two systems together can create.

Kanban is by nature a highly efficient production process. Using a manufacturing execution system (MES) to manage shop floor jobs can also lead to very efficient outcomes for managers. Combining these two processes at the level an MES like MV2 can offer can help maximize both beyond each’s reach. We’ve put together a few examples of where this combination can have big effects.

Having MV2 run the Kanban process as well as manage jobs on work centers means changeovers for both can be automated. That means the Kanban loop can be scheduled to originate at a time that allows the materials being delivered through the process arrive when the new production job needs them. This can reduce lags and errors, instead of starting in a more consecutive manner typically found with paper-based operations.

Digital Kanban and production sequencing

Similar efficiencies can be found by managing both systems at the end of a production run. Calculating and communicating the end of a job can help close Kanban loops faster – and the labor surrounding them. Inventory or Pick can plan to transition to supporting another job rather than waiting for production to complete the current order.

Looking at a historical perspective, being able to understand how jobs consume material and utilize the pull loops can lead to further productivity gains. Both inventory and production can make changes to processes in advance. This can tune each system for expected loads and requests. It can also lead to a better understanding of how materials flow through the plant layout.

These are just a few areas where savvy manufacturing engineers and plant managers will find gains in managing both processes with the same manufacturing software suite. There are many more aspects of this synergy of process that can be exploited for greater gains. In the MV2 manufacturing execution system, the data is there to find these and many more!

Contact us today to learn how moving your Kanban and shop floor management systems to the same system can help your operations. Our highly experienced integration specialists are ready to have a detailed conversation about your specific processes.

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