Listen. Learn. Execute.

This has been our motto for working with our customers and creating systems that leverage the data and capabilities of a production floor to get quantifiable results.

Where it all began

The Beginning

ISE & Paper-Less were founded by Wisconsin native and veteran John Van Kempen. In the 1980's IBM dismantled its marketing departments and gave territories to former marketing representatives to handle the accounts themselves. IBM was continuously recruiting people with experience and software foundations, and shortly after they found John.


John had the experience and expertise needed for the transition, serving in the Navy and working as a systems engineer for 9 years. Information Systems Engineering was then founded in 1984. Shortly after this career adjustment, John realized there was a void between ERPs and the shop floor. In the dining room of a local McDonald's on a napkin, the idea for Paper-Less was created. John transformed his family's lake house into the official headquarters for ISE & Paper-Less.


Following John's retirement, the leadership was shifted to his children Dan VanKempen and Erin Bonde.

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Erin Bonde

Corporate Director, Operations & Communications

4 years in an executive leadership position with ISE. Leads overall branding, marketing, and internal communications of both companies. Erin's focus is on listening to what employees need, and implementing strategies to make the work environment productive and innovative. In her free time, Erin enjoys sailing, photography, filmmaking, surfing, and spending time with family/friends.

"Our image is still what my dad wanted it to be - a family-oriented customer-driven company" 

- Erin Bonde

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Dan Van Kempen

Corporate Director, Operations & Development 

4 years in an executive leadership position with ISE. Focused on long-term planning and creating initiatives that further the company's overall goals. He is dedicated to pinpointing areas of improvement and solving complex business problems to achieve efficiency. Dan enjoys all things water sports, motorcycling, boating, and spending time with loved ones.

"My goal for ISE & Paper-Less is for both companies to be relevant 25 plus years from now"

- Dan Van Kempen

Our Skills & Expertise

ISE has many strengths but our biggest is our people. Our team enjoys the customers they work with. The result is a longstanding relationship between ISE and you. Our employees have a broad range of skills, from software developers to senior business consultants and project managers.

Trusted Advisor says a lot in two simple words. Trust between your suppliers and you as the customer is imperative. Without it, the value derived from your investment cannot be assured. ISE has had numerous customers for over 30 years and that does not happen without the foundation of trust. Advisor suggests that we apply our experience in manufacturing, software solutions, and professional services to conclude the best answers we can recommend based on our experience. Trusted Advisor is powerful when combined. We will never put ourselves ahead of the best interests of our customers and prospects. Our contributions will always be led by a “customer first” attitude. That you can trust.

Combined years of experience within our staff

RPG Programming
.NET Programming
IBM Systems

Our goal is to continue to make sure this is a family-oriented and innovative company. Like our father said there’s no reason why your work environment can’t be fun.

- Erin Bonde & Dan Van Kempen, 2nd Generation Owners

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