2 workers in protective gear overlooking & pointing to blurred scenery.

Communication is Key…During COVID-19, and Maybe more so After.

2 workers in protective gear overlooking & pointing to blurred scenery.

Neighborhood wide, Nationwide, and Enterprise wide.

In hard times, it’s easy to dwell on what you can’t do.  But resilient people and pioneering companies often see this as the time to reevaluate.  When struggling, often the best place to start is with “the basics.”  What was it you focused on 5 or 10 years ago; what got you to where you are?  Start with that aim and adapt to the current situation.

Coronavirus & Communication

The Coronavirus has limited many aspects of our daily life, making interactions outside concerning, and us desiring more “connection” from inside.  Many have turned to technology to sustain communication through past weeks, navigating unacquainted methods to keep up relationships and routines.  This is the same focus that corporations, including manufacturing, can use to not only survive, but ultimately thrive.

Business Continuity & Technology

“How in the world do we do this remotely?”  Coronavirus is changing the way companies across all sectors do business.  Continuity has reached new levels of integration in hopes of maintaining connection and workflow.  Business continuity programs have expanded rapidly, leveraging sometimes unaccustomed technology.  Conference calls, round tables, and webinars are the new norm of many schedules; as communication is the key to keeping things moving forward!  Manufacturing is no different, relying on Industry 4.0 now more than ever.  Leveraging technology across the board to make it through another day.

I would imagine your company, like many others, executed forecasting and scheduling before.  Often utilizing manual paper methods and verbal communications.  But now supervisors are looking at those schedules differently, or maybe just with different intent, as they try to evaluate company status.  There are more weighted decisions than in the past; things are tighter, with more riding on how and when you respond and bounce back.

Enterprise Coordination

What if there was an easier way to analyze the situation?  To tell if things are going right, identify issues, react, and keep things on track.  A well-integrated information system, such as an MES, can do just that—allowing you insight & coordination of manufacturing systems, data flows, manufacturing demand & progress, and the people on your shop floor.

Communication is not something that should be an afterthought, whether things are humming along, or they are at a near halt.  The key to weathering the storm is information exchange.  It allows everyone to be on the same page with the right expectations and focus.  Many businesses have recently allocated significant funds and time into technology to help those away from the office still have input and be connected. Communication is key, not just between people, but between departments, machines and even different plants.

Change and Opportunity

You may not think it’s the right time to consider changes...  Smart people recognize there is opportunity in every problem, and solving it can put you ahead.  Just like with recent continuity adaptations, there may be hiccups, but in time it too will become the "new normal."  No company is going to come out of this situation exactly the same.  Changes will have been made.

Those that have taken some time, and overcome the hurdles, will be the leaders in the coming months.  Clear communication will only happen if you stop thinking the way you always thought; more specifically stop “talking” the same way you always used to talk. Consider your options; investigate ways to keep employees safer & healthier.  Some avenues may provide associated benefits, including more shop floor and enterprise insight, and improved productivity!  Let us help to Change The Conversation For You!


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