Benefits of labor tracking with a manufacturing execution system for factories

Benefits of tracking labor with a Manufacturing Execution System

Remove paper tracking from the floor with a manufacturing execution system's digital labor reporting capabilities

An important component of any pricing, forecasting or scheduling operation is knowing how much labor is consumed in a process. Without that data, none of these things could be done effectively. Margins will be missed, delivery dates will be pushed and wages squandered.

For many firms, the process of tracking actual labor usage is based on methods from the prior century or are simply estimated from other operations. Neither of these provide the level of accuracy needed to be competitive in today’s demanding markets.

Today, manufacturing execution systems like MV2 helps manufacturers put down the paper and record labor usage digitally – and with far greater precision.

First off, MV2 moves labor tracking operations directly to where the work is being done. Instead of punch cards at the door or forms filled out at breaks, the MES provides the ability to ‘clock in’ to specific jobs through a touchscreen. It can be located at the machine or bench where the employee will be working. MV2 can also accept other methods, like allowing a worker to swipe their badge at the location to start a job. The worker can then select the order they will work in the system and the hours spent will be recorded to that job.

MV2's work-in-process touchscreen
MV2's work-in-process touchscreen


As the labor reporting is done with software, all the data is recorded and available immediately for analysis. MV2 stores this information within its database. That means the labor data can be looked at historically, as well as in real time. Prior jobs can be revisited to adjust pricing and forecasting. It can also be analyzed for trends in labor usage that may point to staffing needs or changes to the makeup of teams or shifts.

Shop floor job scheduling system
MV2 Shop floor job tracking and scheduling system

Having all this labor tracking information available provides firms and managers quantitative insight on where their labor is being used. That built in accuracy can be a game-changer for maximizing throughput and profitability.

If you’re looking to get a better handle on true labor usage on your floor, contact us today. Our MV2 manufacturing execution system can easily provide that next-level shop floor visibility to your operations.

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