Replacing shop worker's paperwork with digital versions

Areas where MV2 can replace shop floor paperwork with digital processes

For the longest time, managing production operations with paper forms was the way to make sure things went to plan. Today, digitizing those forms is the way to truly achieve what paper-based processes were promising. Going digital also reduces many of the inherent issues with keeping track of all that paperwork.

So where does the MV2 Manufacturing Execution System (MES) fit in and where does it help remove paper from shop floor operations? We’ve outlined three areas where the MES can reduce or completely remove reliance on physical paperwork for manufacturing operations.

Kanban cards

Kanban and other pull-manufacturing processes generate a lot of labels and request forms to operate properly.  With MV2 these requests can be done through a touch screen or control system to automatically send pull requests to the required departments. Labels can be reduced to purely barcodes to further reduce printed paperwork for routing materials.

Labor tracking paperwork

Keeping track of where labor is used during the production process is a vital metric. Doing it with paper makes it more difficult than it should be. Using an MES like MV2 to handle labor reporting removes the need for paper all together – and the issues of managing a paper-based process. MV2 can collect all this information as it happens and present it immediately. No more need to make sure forms are filled out at the end of the day or that all the data is collated in a timely manner. MV2 can also provide far more trustworthy, granular data than a paper process could.

Non-conformance reporting

Quality and testing processes can generate a large amount of paperwork, but it doesn’t have to. Using MV2, a firm can directly record the results of testing processes and log non-conforming issues – sometimes without the need for any human interaction in the process. All of these testing results are saved in the MES’ database where they both are accessible over time and affixed to production orders or other aspects. These results are also available immediately for analysis and can fire alerts when important thresholds are crossed.

The above three certainly aren’t the only areas where MV2 can move production management processes from paper-based to electronic. There are many more. Our highly experienced consultants can explain in-depth how the MES can move reporting and control to digital processes that increase data reporting density, speed of information and overall production quality and throughput.

If you’re looking to streamline your shop floor control processes and want to remove all that paper in the process, contact us today.

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