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6 Simple Steps to Experiencing “Next Gen” XA – Part 2

By Sherry Widrick & Stephanie Wickstrom.

Welcome back!  In Part 1 of this 2-part blog, we uncovered the first (3) simple steps in getting started with the new, next-gen XA User Experience (UX).  These preliminary steps highlighted the progression towards a transition away from standalone client-based “green screen” and Power-Link to a unified platform portal.  Now in Part 2 of this series, the focus shifts towards additional functionality AND evaluating your specific goals/objectives.


Incorporate Infor Document Management (IDM) functionality - Step 4

IDM is a standard application within the Infor OS installation.  Just as it sounds, IDM is a document management solution with what one would expect to see: version control, check in/out, ability to record metadata, etc.

For those running XA within the Infor OS portal, IDM is especially handy in terms of associating documents with XA records.  Somewhat similar concept to XA Attachments, though taking the next step beyond and into the world of document management.  The ease of use alone wins over those who have traditionally used XA Attachments (which still can be used if desired!).  From any XA record, simply drag and drop a document of your choice into the Related Information widget and PRESTO!  Simple as that, you have added a document to an XA record.


Evaluate your processes & custom programs - Step 5

Depending on the history of your XA journey, it is likely new tools and approaches are readily available for your use that you may not be aware of.  NUMEROUS enhancements have been made to XA and its supporting modules since the times of green screen.  If you have custom green screen programs, rest assured they too can be used within the SiW/Infor OS framework or converted to System-Link if so desired.  Speaking of System-Link… the use of Enterprise Integrator (EI) and System-Link (SL) developer tools can further extend the core functionality of XA and enables integration/data movement internal or external to the ERP.


Implement XA in “baby steps” - Step 6

The deployment of these User Interfaces does not have to be enterprise wide.  And, you do not have to roll out all these interfaces at once.  Risk is MINIMAL as there’s always a fall back readily available.

  • Phase 1: Net-Link. You can start with Net-Link, which is quick and easy to implement, roll that out to a select group of users.  Once you see how easy it is to deploy and how comfortable your users are, you can then start deploying Net-Link to others.
  • Phase 2: SiW. As a Phase 2 project, roll out SiW to a handful of power users.  This new User Experience will take a bit longer to deploy (instead of minutes, we’re talking a day or two), with a slightly higher learning curve for your users.  Once the power and efficiencies of this new interface are understood, the first group of users can then help deploy this experience to other users.
  • Phase 3: Infor OS. Phase 3 (or as an adventurous Phase 2) deploy XA within the Infor OS Portal.  With this interface, the efficiencies and productivity of your users will likely see exponential improvements!  The technologies are so robust!  With Workflows, Alerts, Dashboards, Document Management, improved Business Processes, and much more, your entire operation will be able to handle more information, more expediently.


Get started with your journey to the Next Generation of XA through the ease of these (6) simple steps.  With 40+ years of broad, deep ERP functionality, the face of Infor XA has been further modernized to ensure your end-users have a robust tool, adaptable to fit their roles & responsibilities.  What better way to attract, motivate & retain your workforce than leveraging technology that’s right at your fingertips!

Whether you choose to implement one, two or all six of these simple steps, you will soon see what the excitement is all about!  With a little guidance from your Infor XA Channel Partner, your company will be well on its way to the Next Generation of Infor XA!  Start your journey to Next Gen XA by contacting your account representative.

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