Modern Red lit building with skywalk + Infor ERP Logo

6 Simple Steps to Experiencing “Next Gen” XA – Part 1

By Sherry Widrick & Stephanie Wickstrom.

Modern Red lit building with skywalk + Infor ERP Logo

The Infor XA Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite has a LONG history – over 40 years in the marketplace.  Evolving FROM “green screen” AS/400 interfaces TO “web-based, graphical interfaces” that also incorporate tools for automating & monitoring business processes.

Infor XA customers who have endured the older interfaces with rock-solid, advanced ERP functionality, are now taking delight in the Next Generation of Infor XA.  And, the best kept secret… deployment is a snap!

In Part 1 of this 2-part blog, we will touch on the first (3) simple steps in getting started with this new, next-gen, XA User Experience (UX).


Activate the Net-Link interface - Step 1

This is Infor’s go-forward interface for end-users and is so easy to activate.  Net-Link supports commonly used web-browsers on Windows, Apple, & Android devices (Chrome, Edge, IE, Firefox, Safari…) so that any user around the globe can easily access XA, with proper login credentials.  Metadata – objects, card/card files, user preferences, definitions and customizations defined in Power-Link are all retained and passed on to Net-Link sessions.


Implement System i Workspace (SiW) - Step 2

With Net-Link installed and appropriate authorization in place, the System i Common Components framework enables user access to any traditional XA application*, whether XA IDF Level 1 or 2, as well as custom RPG or EI objects/SL programs.  SiW unites the old and the new interfaces of XA, together in a single framework, increasing end-user efficiencies.

*Note: Most developer tools remain in Power-Link, not accessible via Net-Link/SiW.


Implement Infor OS portal - Step 3

The Big Picture of Infor OS is that it serves as a PLATFORM as well as a PORTAL.  A portal to your enterprise applications, including XA.

Not only are role-based homepages now an option… but real-time contextual tools are also put within reach.  XA users now can utilize contextual apps configured to use their designated card files.  No need to drill into a record for more detail – a single click now displays in depth detail of a record of interest.  (Similar to broadcast & receive functionality.)

To run XA within Infor OS, SiW needs to be installed & running.

As part of a standard Infor OS deployment, tools are included to design standardized business processes that can be deployed into day-to-day business operations – Workflows, Alerts and Tasks to name a few.  Data can be proactively distributed to appropriate users/groups via distribution lists, with the ability to monitor exceptions that occur throughout the day.  And, if enabled, users can receive their notifications via mobile apps on their cell phone or other internet enabled devices!


Getting started is easier than you think.  And the Service team at ISE will be happy to get you started and answer your questions along the way.  Find out if its time for you to step into the Next Generation of XA Today!

And stay tuned for the final half of this series, and the last 3 steps to better ERP productivity!


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