3 Benefits of Having a Cloud-Based ERP System

Companies are dependent upon reliable enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to automate daily supply chain operations. Manufacturers that rely on on-premise software continuously deal with battling yesterday’s problems. Cloud ERP systems provide more flexibility, security, and overall functionality to help companies compete in today’s fast-paced digital age.

Reduce operating costs

On-premise software requires timely installation, physical space in an office, and regular upkeep. A Cloud-based ERP system does not require any of these, which substantially reduces operating costs associated with maintenance. There will be lower upfront costs, lower IT expenses, and predictable monthly subscription costs. When it’s time to implement the new cloud system across multiple locations there will be more instant scalability.

Free up internal IT teams

Allowing an ERP system to exist in the cloud ends the need for IT staff to oversee system maintenance internally. Many modern cloud ERP systems have data centers based with the software provider. The extra time invested into maintenance can expose a company’s data to instability or risk. This shifts IT staff to do more value-added activities as opposed to timely maintenance and training.

Improved Security

Many believe handling security measures “in-house” heightens security measures, however, this has been proven to not be the case. These environments are less secure and more susceptible to data breaches. These actions can lead to security risks as companies rely on outdated in-house systems to manage data. On-premise software requires costly and diligent IT teams dedicated to ensuring data is protected at all times. Cloud-based ERP providers have built-in security measures to safeguard data, requiring zero interaction from IT departments for upkeep. Cloud-based ERP systems offer continuous backups, data encryption, malware protection, and more.

Infor XA Cloud

As a certified partner for Infor, we offer end-to-end solutions for customers. Infor XA Cloud serves as a robust cloud-based ERP system for manufacturers. The goal of Infor XA A Cloud is to modernize and simplify the infrastructure and user experience of Infor applications. This software offers benefits such as reducing operational expenses, reliable security, and managed services. Infor XA Cloud cuts capital costs by reducing the need for in-house management and upkeep because the pricing is structured around a flexible subscription. The subscription removes the hassle of timely and expensive upgrades. Infor will manage upgrades and backups so staff can use their time for more critical business needs. There is no need to source, train, and transition skilled System i resources on-premise. Infor supplies all system skills required going forward. Lastly, the security layer Infor provides includes secure access for mobile users across platforms and protection of critical corporate and customer data from a ransomware attack.

Migrating to a Cloud-based ERP system brings lower operational costs, empowered internal IT departments, and improved security. Cloud ERP provides flexibility, scalability, and better security in a modern way to keep an edge on the competition.

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